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I specialize in creating relevant visual communication materials that best suit a particular product, service, client or event. My areas of expertise include but not limited to: Television & Feature Film Key Art, Print Ads, Logo Creation, Website Design, Web Banners & Web Ads, Vehicle Wraps, Wine Labels, Point Of Sale Materials, Product Development, Corporate Identity, Direct Mail, Event Promotions, Tradeshow Marketing, Full-Motion Graphics and Video Editing. Given basic direction and creative assets I can design anything for any client or industry. I come from a Fine Arts background including drawing, sculpture, oil painting, etc. but my true love is digital art and creating amazing one off images.


I take the time to understand a client's business and the specific goal of any assignment. My creative solutions always reinforce the client’s business strategy and targets the goals of the project. My understanding of how design can influence a company’s success has benefited local, national and international clients. I am self-motivated, competitive, with an attention to detail and I take pride in saying I have never missed a deadline in my life.

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